Both moral integrity and intellectual capacity of our leader, Doctor José María Borja, guarantee the professionalism and the responsible care of every case we take in our hands.

With over thirty years of professional experience, doctor José María Borja has carried out very important public positions: Superintendent of Companies and the Government’s Attorney General.

Along with José María Borja’s capacity and efficiency we find the excellence of a professional crew working in different areas for our law firm as it is in legal, financial and moral. Indeed, a multidisciplinary crew, with wide knowledge and vast experience, that secures a solution for the most diverse and complex cases.

We feel proud of the quality, independence and professional ethic of our working staff and we maintain the strictest confidentiality with our clients.



Facing a new business world, each day more competitive and exposed to all kind of risks, high civil employees and executives of corporations, societies and public organizations require the support of a firm that provides security and trust. In this context, José María Borja & Associates is able to offer corporative services in many fields: commercial, trading union related, constitution and reconstruction of societies, emission of actions and obligations, civil fiduciary and commercial law, intellectual property, labour law, economic and financial right, taxing, dealerships and privatizations, public hiring and sponsorships, mediation and arbitration, national and international, immigration laws and migratory matters.

José María Borja & Associates’s experience, allows us to ensure a successful sponsorship in transactions related to the constitution and reconstruction of societies, the best sponsorship you need for the optimization of your company.

We own high knowledge and expertise in emission of obligations, the most efficient mechanism for low interest resources.

Our specialized team in fiduciary matters will guide you with capacity and solvency in the constitution of civil trustees, fiduciary business and active securization.

Intellectual property is today one of the most important actives to be protected in international commercial relations. Through our specialized intelligence services and the protection of intellectual property, the human resource we work with is in its best capacity to act actively when facing the need to protect intellectual property, and to fight all threats against industrial property and author rights.

Specialists in taxing laws will lead your decisions to achieve optimal results in your passive character status for the government, assuring the fulfillment of the law and benefiting of it.

Concessions and privatizations of public services constitute a pending activity. This is the reason why José María Borja & Associates has been looking for a leading professional crew in this field, able to efficiently help to obtain the best results in competitions, negotiations, hiring and liquidations that you undertake in this subject.

Our practice in public hiring ranks us as the leading firm. José María Borja & Associates has the most experienced specialists in public hiring, offering you the best advising in project construction, offer preparation, term negotiation and contract elaboration.

Referring to sponsorships, we take care of the problems of our clients as our own, which makes of José María Borja & Associates the main responsible to maintain tranquility near you.

The lawyers of our firm, specialized in Ecuador as in foreign countries, in corporative and trade union related matters will be able to advise you and act efficiently in:

  • Representation and Sponsorship
  • Payments by standing orders for foreign companies, company construction, capital increasing and decreasing, fusions, splits or advanced company dissolutions
  • Labour consultancy
  • Emission of Obligations
  • Sanitary registration
  • Economic, Taxing and Financial consultancies
  • Market of Values consultancy
  • International hiring consultancy
  • Intellectual property, invention marks, names and commercial slogans, invention patents, industrial modeling consultancies
  • Immigration law and migratory matters consultancies


Through our multidisciplinary crew, José María Borja & Associates offers you a permanent and continuous advising in all branches of Law, becoming your “leading doctor” for all your legal doubts.

The service that José María Borja & Associates offers, always willing to serve you in the best way, demanding the fulfillment of the obligations the authorities have towards you.

We only accept the correct execution of the Law and never surrender to injustice. José María Borja & Associates is a firm spawned from the Law and made to serve it.


José María Borja & Associates has vast experience solving conflicts in foreign jurisdictions. New York, Washington and London prove the prestige and seriousness of José María Borja & Associates when defending the interests of its clients in international courts.

Specializing our services is the key to defend your interests, and reveals our knowledge of professional strategy in our lawsuits.


Conflict mediation is another field where José María Borja & Associates has wide experience to ensure the best terms in your legal disputes.

We are makers of favorable solutions for our clients in lawsuits that, due to their long duration, high expenses and low resolution probabilities were considered lost.

The outstanding mediating capacity of our professional team allows us to get better results for a lower price.


At José María Borja & Associates we offer specialized assistance in direct foreign investment, subregional and neutral. Our profound knowledge of the norms that regulate such a delicate subject permits us to provide you the best advising for the success of your investments.

Our awareness of the local, regional and international norms relating to investment, ensures the respect of your property right, the total care for the principle that does not permit to modify contracts unilaterally, and the profitability of your investment.

We know the steps to follow for the secure and successful development of your investment projects, José María Borja & Associates is in its total capacity to advice and guide you in the construction of investment projects, offer elaboration, offer negotiation, contract making and all the procedures you need for each and every case.


Effective and real commitment with the clients causes, transforming their difficulties in our own.

Efficient and immediate help to our clients when required.

The Law is the clients protecting tool.





Lawyer and doctor of Jurisprudence by the Central University of Ecuador. José María Borja realized his specialization studies in juridical consultancy for companies, “Instituto de Empresas”, Madrid – Spain, 1982, obtaining the Master degree in company consultancy; in capital marketing, “Instituto Brasileño de Mercado de Capitales”, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, 1985. His professional career has led Dr. Borja to the Superintendent of Companies Office as Juridical Director, General Juridical Intendant and Superintendant; in the Government’s Attorney General’s Office as Attorney General. The first organization controls the national companies and the value market, the second controls the legality and the law enforcement in the country. In both Dr. Borja has been the absolute authority.


Lawyer and doctor of Jurisprudence by the Central University of Ecuador. During his professional career, Dr. Villamar, has been Vice-minister of Work and Human Resources; Juridical Director of the Superintendent of Companies Office and the Government’s General Controller’s Office.


Lawyer and doctor of Jurisprudence by the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, 1995. Francisco Grijalva realized a specialization on Finances in Bounder, Colorado, USA, and holds a Masters degree in Company Right by the Catholic University of Chile. His professional career has led doctor Grijalva to become Legal Adviser and General Sub-manager of the Central Bank of Ecuador.

IVÁN A. INTRIAGO, Portoviejo, 1966

Lawyer and doctor of Jurisprudence by the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, 1998. Iván Intriago has a specialization in Central Banking by the “Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos (CEMLA)”. His professional career has led doctor Intriago to become Legal Adviser for the Central Bank of Ecuador in the Major Branch of Guayaquil and Personal Secretary of the Government’s Attorney General.


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